Surf and fiesta like Salt and Pepper

By Robert Rodgers

SURF & FIESTA is the collective theme of this issue. For some of us, a memory already popped into our heads. Surf and fiesta is as natural to say as salt and pepper, hamburger and fries, spaghetti and meatballs, sushi and sake, y huevos y pinto (dag, I’m making myself hungry… no worries, plenty of wonderful restaurants to be found on the pages of this issue). Without the coordinating conjunction, surf and fiesta equals beach party, and who does not love a beach party? Annette and Frankie made a living on/off (of) them in the 60’s, and Gidget and Elvis both went to Hawaii’s beaches to party. If one hears the term Beach Party Era, one thinks of the 60’s; when the bikini really put its stamp on the world. Thank you, gracias, and danke!


Flash forward half a century and the parties and the bikinis on our beautiful Costa Ballena beaches are more popular than the sixties. Imagine, sitting on the beach no matter how hot, but really close to your significant other, having just watched the sun drop to the soothing waves, as the tiny bon fire flames and then embers, letting the moment do the talking, with your adult beverage of choice in hand. Two people parties are really the best, right?

Since these articles are intended to be the SAFETY & SECURITY features of the magazine, I get to be the party pooper; el agua fiesta. One needs to wait one hour after eating before swimming, one needs to wait 12 hours after drinking alcohol. Drinking and the ocean don´t mix well (the surf, swimming, or just playing around), it is almost as stupid as drinking and driving. Party hardy, but party smart. Pura vida!

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