Stories Painted with Light

Stories Painted with Light 1

A nation without visual stories is a country without history. From George Melies, one of the first visual narrators, to the modern film industries, where Costa Ricans begin to appear. The seventh art is consolidated in society not only as a form of entertainment or artistic expression, but also as an identification, an extract, idealized in some, and in others faithful to the cultural reality of a people. Costa Rica has a background in contemporary film history.

Stories Painted with Light 2

Young in time, but rich and curious in content, which is valuable to analyze our own culture and to write new stories to tell the world. This year the Trincheras Cultural Project makes an important alliance with the Costa Rican Cinematographic Production Center, entity in charge of promoting audiovisual activity in our country. The Preamble Cinema Program is one of the Center’s.

Stories Painted with Light 3

Starting in February, Trincheras will bring this program to Pérez Zeledón. Every last Thursday of the month at 7pm movies provided by the Film Center will be screened. This year “Preámbulo Gira” will work with thematic areas in all its presentations, beginning with Adulthood. On Thursday, February 28, the Argentine film Elsa and Fred will be screened. The objective of the program is «more than being a movie theater, being an oasis for anyone looking for a cozy and modern place to enjoy watching movies, and meeting friends» a trench to generate criteria on the seventh art. The entrance will be free. If you wish to attend any of the sessions of Preamble Cinema in Trenches, visit us in San Isidro de El General, Barrio Boston in front of  the new hotel Iguazú. And remember that “movies have the power to capture dreams.” George Melies 

By Natasha Herrera / Gerson Godínez


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