Sthira Sukham Asanam

The principles of Yoga are based on scriptures that go back to over 4000 years ago. The most basic texts are the “Sutras” which are aphorisms that explain the philosophy behind the practice. One of them, the “Sthira Sukham Asanam” encourages us to find steadiness and calmness in every posture no matter how challenging it is.

Real yoga, begins off the yoga-mat. Ideally, we should try to apply the sutras in our everyday lives. The sutra explains it is quite easy to be still, cool & collective when we are swimming in calm waters, however the true challenge, is to make it happen when things get rough!

There will always be times when we experience very upsetting situations, with such intense emotions that we may lose control of our words and actions. Steadiness and calmness disappear in the mist of these challenging situations. We feel hurt and angry, whether we are right or wrong; we want justice, revenge or to win the battle; thinking that all of these will bring inner peace. And in those moments of great difficulty, those are the perfect moments to apply the sutra teachings.

Our emotions will surely pass, but our actions will define the outcome of the situation. So, next time those situations manifest, try to breathe deeply, acknowledge your feelings, and find steadiness, so you may deal with the situation with truthfulness and compassion. We won’t always be able to act with the highest degree of integrity, but I am sure that if we try, we’ll feel better about it.

Photo by Pilar

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