Stay Safe on the Beach

by Greg Gordon

Stay safe on the beach

No further expound on the issue of safety in our coastal communities, here is another story I’ve heard. “We were on this beautiful beach with no one around so we left our beach bag on our towel and walked down to the ocean for a dip. Right after I ducked my head under the water, I looked back and saw a man picking up my bag and then running back into the jungle.”
If you are at any beach, not just in Costa Rica, then you should not leave your belongings unattended. If there is someone nearby who looks trustworthy, I’ll ask them to watch it. I’m talking of a towel and flops, not a phone or passport though. You can leave your passport in a safe in your hotel and take a picture of the front page and the page with the entry stamp. Of course, you could leave your phone in the safe, too, but the reality is the phone is often coming with us. For the beach, I would bring a plastic sealable bag, like a bag for granola, and I’d put the phone in that. 

That’s for random rain shower protection and if someone looked on my towel, they are going to see a bag of granola, not the phone. Then if I had to leave my towel and my bag for a few minutes, and no one was around, I would dig a hole and put the phone in it and then cover it back up with my towel. I would actually dig two holes so it would take longer for someone to figure out where the phone was. Most thieves hide in the shade just off the sand and wait for you to jump in the water.
They will run out, grab the bag, and run back into the trees. So if you cannot bury your bag, at least take it with you as far as you can from the tree line so they have farther to run to get it.


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