The Sounds of Nature…

in a Woman’s Body.

 ~ By Guadalupe Urbina


Guadalupe Urbina and Paloma Coronado

Sound and Body Workshop for women.

Getting in touch with original creative energy!

Our workshop for women is enhancing. We are going to sing together to heal, enjoy, and harmonize our life with nature.

Talking about the sounds of nature as simply «relaxing» is like saying that all mothers have the same voice and that voice has the same effects on all people and situations.

Each sound, though apparently identical to our ears, expresses its own vibrational field. Our body has a high capacity of perception responding differently to each sound.

Let´s experience how to really listen to earth, look at nature with new eyes, and discover how Mother Earth generates vibrational medicine through her sounds.

Singing is a miracle of creation; sounds create forms and these forms interact with matter and empower our emotions. Our workshop is not about singing nicely but singing together to heal, to enjoy, and to harmonize our lives with nature.

We will learn to listen to the earth, look at nature with new eyes, and discover how Mother Earth creates health and well-being through her sounds.

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