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Smiling through lifetime

Aging is inevitable, but you can still keep your smile young and beautiful. Let’s talk about some of the changes that you may have noticed that can be avoided or corrected.

Smiling through lifetime

#1 Receding gums: As your gum line lowers the sensitivity of your teeth increases. This receding can be caused by a bad bite, the wrong toothbrush or simply aging. Changing hygienic practice and improving your dental care can delay this process.

#2 Getting cavities suddenly: A change of diet, increased sugar consumption, a hormonal imbalance or a disease that affects the quantity of saliva in your mouth can contribute to cavity formation. Improving your nutritional habits, drinking more water and monitoring your health will postpone tooth decay.

#3 Darker teeth: Stain can be caused by food, beverages, unhealthy habits, medications and injuries. Bleaching your teeth with home kits or clinical procedures can bring back your youthful appearance.

#4 Loose teeth, gum and bone loss: These signs of periodontal disease can be caused by plaque build-up and bacteria causing bad breath. By modifying your dental care routine you can lessen the negative effects.

#5 Unevenly worn teeth: This can be caused by grinding habits, stress and aging. Reducing stress in your life and regular exercise can help you relax your jaw muscles and release tension.

Every part of your body works together to give you good health, so do not neglect any small part because everything adds to your wellbeing. Improving your health care will enrich every aspect of your life including your confidence and personal relationship.

So smile… Pura Vida!


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