Simplify your Life in Paradise

~ by Trevor Brown

Living in paradise is relative to your physical location and mental state

Simplify your Life in Paradise

You can live in a paradise in your mind; and yet, live somewhere almost uninhabitable. You can live in the Garden of Eden, but struggle with your happiness. Along Costa Ballena, we are lucky enough to live in a paradise; so, if you’re not happy, you should be.

Costa Ballena is surely a paradise. There is fresh oxygen via lush jungles, natural springs producing clean water, coconuts trees on all the beaches, and a seemingly endless supply of fresh fruits that change seasonally offering you variety.

The songs of toucans and other exotic birds fill the air as the distant howls of the congos (howler monkeys) echo through the mountains. Both on land and in the water, life is present everywhere you look. Generally, the vibes are positive, the ocean is warm, the rivers are cool, the pace of life is slow, and time passes fast. In this this paradise, you don’t need a lot of money to live well.

With fruits in most of the trees and a zone known for its fishing, almost everything you need is at your fingertips. There is no doubt that Costa Ballena is a land of abundance. It is truly “Pura Vida”.

People travel from all around the world just to get a taste of this true paradise, and you live here… or you should. However, some seem to bring bad habits into this paradise and subconsciously complicate their lives, burdening themselves with stress and frustration. If this sounds like you, then as the saying goes, “wake up and smell the coffee”.

We create our own reality; so, consciously, try to simplify your life in paradise. Be grateful for what you have surrounding you. If you call this paradise your home, you’re lucky.

Live it, and enjoy each moment! You are blessed!!
Simplify your Life in Paradise 1

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