Sierpe, a Destination to Take into Account

Texto y foto por Jeane Brennan

To some, Sierpe is just a pretty face, with not much going on behind the scenes. To others, Sierpe is a quiet village that just happens to be the springboard to Drake Bay and Corcovado National Park.

But for those who see the beauty, who embrace adventure and who have a tendency to swerve off the beaten path, Sierpe is a destination in which to take note. 

bicyclists heading across the river

Bicyclists heading across the river

Hundreds of tourists from around the world enter and then leave Sierpe on tour boats and water taxis for visits afar.

However, many of the activities stemming solely in Sierpe center around the Sierpe River, the Estero Azul (Blue Estuary) and up river to the Lagoon.

Fishing, photography, birding, and observing animals most people only see in their city zoo are activities visitors and residents of Costa Rica can do without traveling too far from the town center. Captains and tour guides who work out of Sierpe have lived in Sierpe most all their lives.

They know the water here and the tides. They know the animals, the birds, medicinal plants, and the area’s history. Family farms are also havens where guides take their clients by boat for experiences not advertised by mainstream travel agencies. 

However, not all activities are related to boating. Those who have a passion for biking and ATV fun can cross the rivers. Every weekend, a group of off-road enthusiasts, charged with excitement, leave in the early morning with clean clothes, and return later in the afternoon covered with dirt and mud, exhausted but satisfied.

Pristine beaches, fishing tournaments, the Museum of the Spheres (a World Heritage Site), and the chance to witness a rustic countryside lifestyle of hard workers, give visitors a feeling of gratefulness, bringing honor and respect to this small community.

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