Sibu’s beer

~ by Carlos León

Here in Uvita, capital of Costa Ballena, in Costa Rica’s South Pacific, there is a very special place called Sibu Restaurant and Coffee House. Mariana and Atila, its owners, are craft beer lovers and wanted to please their customers’ preferences by offering Sibu’s exclusive beer: Sibu Russian Imperial Stout.

Just like all Stouts, this one gathers the best of Imperial beer’s tradition regarding its appearance, flavor, and body. 

Stout is much appreciated in the beer world. Imperial Stout, also known as Russian Imperial beer, is a dark beer with a strong style. It was brewed in the 18th century by Thrale Brewery in London to be exported to the court of Catherine II of Russia. 

Sibu’s beer - Osa, Costa Ballena, Uvita, Bahia Ballena - Ballena Tales

Sibu beer is made in Uvita by a local craft beer brewery; Whale Tail Brewery’s master brewer gives his creation a color, flavor, and body that make it unique and satisfy all beer connoisseurs’ palates.

Its color is dark brown with amber and ruby reflections; this beer’s body is strong, smooth, and dry with an incredibly light, creamy foam. Its basic flavor includes red fruit, wood, coffee, almonds, hazelnut, cocoa bean, vanilla, cinnamon, toasted caramel; its finish is dry, strong, with a malty aroma. 

It is an excellent option to quench your thirst on a sunny morning, as they tend to be here in Costa Rica. You can also enjoy it to accompany your lunch, dinner, or a four-cheese pizza, a novelty of Sibu Restaurant’s menu. 

Come and enjoy this exclusive beer from Sibu Restaurant, or others from the menu of craft beers that they offer.

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