Say No to the one-use plastic in Osa! A coherent purpose

Say No to the one-use plastic in Osa! A coherent purpose.

Osa, part of the South Pacific of Costa Rica, is a destination that boasts a distinguished natural wealth. Many years of isolation from the capital and a difficult access (the Pacífica Fernández highway #34 was only opened 10 years ago), constituted a natural barrier that contained purposes of regulating its tourism commitment to mass visitation models. Today the green personality of the South Pacific of Costa Rica attracts a select and growing number of visitors who admire its abundant fauna and flora.

Some time ago the concern of a local businessman, member of the board of directors of the Chamber of Tourism (CATUOSA) germinated an initiative in the community of Bahia Uvita: tour operators, hotels, restaurants and local organizations engage in the task. On November 9, 2017 the Chamber of Tourism of Osa, in an event in presence of the Minister of Tourism, formalized its adherence to the laudable purpose of eliminating the use of single-use plastic in Osa and started a pioneering work to make it grow, including the presentation at the UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi (Kenya). This year on the same date: a lucid celebration recalled the first anniversary of this event.

This is how Osa´s initiative “free of single-use plastic”, which is totally consistent with the green identity of the destination, becomes a magnet that attracts the efforts of entrepreneurs, the community, environmental organizations, government offices, and politicians.

If you visit our paradise, keep in mind that the South Pacific of Costa Rica is a destination with an identity that fills with pride those who inhabit it. Help us take care of it: cardboard cups, biodegradable straws, reusable bottles for water, are some of the recommendations. The menace of micro-plastic particles in our food chain is serious and real.

With joy Ballena Tales joined the celebration held by the Chamber of Tourism of Osa, to commemorate a year of work in favor of reducing the consumption of single-use plastic in the Osa. Good news!

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