Sanctuary Playa Tortuga

sanctuary santuario PLAYA TORTUGA

It is perhaps the most emblematic beach of the southern communities of Costa Ballena. It has a most dramatic appearance due to the particular mouth of the Térraba, Tortuga and Balsa rivers in its frontal part, which form part of the great Terraba-Sierpe wetland. With its magnificent caverns, this beach evokes a strong feeling for nature and conservation. The cultural and biological value of Playa Tortuga comes from its versatility as a space for rest and recreation for neighbors and tourists, as well as a natural space for research and biological conservation. Under the protection of the Playa Tortuga Biological Reserve, the beach functions as habitat and nesting space for different species of marine turtles such as the Lora (Lepidochelys olivacea), Carey (Eretmochelys imbricata), Green (Chelonia midas) and the great Baula (Dermochelys coreacea). In addition to alligators  and crocodiles, a wide variety of amphibians, reptiles and birds make up the rich coastal marine ecosystem of Playa Tortuga.

The beauty of this place is palpable for those who love nature and solitude. There are opposing criteria regarding the aesthetics of the beach, since the amount of "natural waste", such as trunks, branches and inert rests of vegetation that are transported to the shore by the rivers, define its appearance in a great way, creating a natural sanctuary for rest and meditation.

sanctuary santuario PLAYA TORTUGA

Fishermen with their nets on the river bank, traces of the small bonfires, made by those who enjoyed the evenings in the light of the moon, and volleyball games on Sundays, are part of the daily scenarios of this beautiful place. Playa Tortuga is not only an example of conservation of the tropical wealth that characterizes the exuberant Costa Ballena, but of the communal work that has achieved such important distinctions as the "Ecological Blue Flag," in its beach category. This guarantees a protected environment, which is safe and healthy for visitors.

By Luis H. Galera

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