Sam Reidy Takes The Title

By Samuel Reidy /Dagmar Reinhard
Photo ~ by Fabian

Thousands of people watched as the best surfers in Costa Rica battled it out in Playa Hermosa Jaco’s extreme conditions for the National Surf Titles. Sixteen-foot towering waves and shallow sandbars gave a serious challenge to the best of the best.

Sam Reidy, Dominical’s 12-year-old super grom, sealed the number-one spot, and won the twelve and under title for Costa Rica. We interviewed Sam in Uvita.


“I’m very lucky to live in this area of Costa Rica because there are many different places to surf and train. Good waves, warm water, and no crowds are a dream for every surfer,” Sam told us.

He trains every day with his dad. When he was little, his dad would let him wrap his arms around his neck, and they would body surf together in Dominical. His dad spent years pushing him into the waves and teaching him all about the ocean. His mom organizes all his travel and keeps him healthy.

“We’re a great team,” Sam added.

“I train with Wade Sharp and Andrew Weber from Dominical WaveRider. It is truly awesome to train with Andrew; he is a super great coach!”

Competitions require tons of energy and work, long days of training and hot days at the beach. Sam says he couldn’t do it without his fabulous sponsors: JungleMama sunscreen, B&B Surf Shop Jaco, Domincal WaveRider Photography, and PlantFusion protein drinks.

“My mom says that I’m blessed for having the opportunity of living this life. I’m going to work my hardest to keep improving every day because I want to make it all the way!” 

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