Safer together! Ojos en la Calle is a community vigilance network.

Safer together!

By Perry Gladstone

Finally, a tool for everyone to help prevent crime in our area. Ojos en la Calle is a community vigilance network and anonymous reporting application for smartphones.
Many crimes and suspicious activities are not reported. This makes it difficult to prevent and identify patterns, areas, and people of interest. With Ojos en la Calle, people can anonymously provide this critical information and feel safe Neighborhood groups watch for and advise each other of suspicious activity.

Connected by WhatsApp and telephone, each group is self-organized with a volunteer monitor to collect critical info and make reports using the Ojos en la Calle app. If you already have a neighborhood group please elect a monitor and inform the Chamber of Tourism and Commerce. Small vigilance groups work best when everyone knows each other.

Regional Representatives are appointed by the ADI (town council) from their board of directors or security council (CSCO in Ojochal, COBASE in Uvita). The regional rep communicates with group monitors, sees all reports in the region and helps the police connect ‘Ojos reports’ with police data.
Ojos en la Calle Database is a secure collection of all incident data that can be filtered and cross-referenced with official police information to solve crimes, identify patterns, prevent crimes and allocate resources.

The app is free to everyone. We encourage you to use it. Your identity will be protected. The more we use it the better the program will become. Please note at this stage the ‘Ojos’ APP is focused on prevention and analysis and is not capable of real-time response.
Download Ojos en la Calle Costa Ballena at Google Play and the Apple App store.

inFO: emergencias / emergencies: 911.
Perry Gladstone is President of the Costa Ballena Chamber of Tourism and Commerce (CACOBA), Lifeguards Costa
Ballena and Executive Director of the Costa Ballena Community Foundation: [email protected] -

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