Royal Palm - The Secret of our Great Costa Rican Furniture!

Royal Palm - The Secret of our Great Costa Rican Furniture! 1

~ by Shelagh Duncan

Where can you find comfortable sofas, great fabrics, and unique gifts and home accents? If you answered Royal Palm Interiors you are right.

Walking in for the first time, you may think the Royal Palm Store looks like it is in San Jose, or any big city. Beautiful furniture and home decor items like art, mirrors, and a wonderful selection of lamps and table-top accessories decorate the entire store.

However, what most people do not realize is that Royal Palm specializes in Costa Rican-made furniture.

Certainly not the heavy ‘Sarchí’ look, but it is professionally and ergonomically designed; the pieces are as stylish and comfortable as any premium, imported furniture. When humans create objects, from smartphones to sofas, you need to ensure the style, the function, and the person using it all interact perfectly.

These elegant pieces do, and they are meticulously made by an industrial designer and produced using state-of-the-art machinery. Actually, they supply furniture for many of the leading resorts and hotels in Costa Rica. The manufacturers also practice sustainable forestry and environmental responsibility, including a solar powered factory! The production facilities are located in the Central Valley where the climate is optimum for furniture making.

The Secret of our Great Costa Rican Furniture! Royal Palm. - Uvita, Bahia Ballena

The wood is kiln dried (not air-dried) and fabricated there to guarantee the correct dryness is preserved right up to the factory-finish last coatings.

The woods are selected for the design process, durability, and function. Teak dining chairs, for example, can look amazing, but teak is very dense and heavy. Choosing a lighter wood variety will make it easier to move that chair when sitting or getting up from the table. These stylish designs from Royal Palm are available in many different wood stains and with exotic details.

The fabrics offered are selected specifically for the climate in the south, and come in a variety of designs and colours, including the Sunbrella collections.

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