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The seed for Royal Palm Interiors was probably planted back in 2006. When we were ready to think about building and furnishing our new home in Costa Rica, we discovered the only place to find any decent selection of furniture was in San Jose. A carpenter could build us some wood furniture – but would it comfortable? They were good at making doors and cabinets - not sofas! My background was interior design, so let’s say I was a bit particular.Shelagh Duncan

The more we looked around, the more the idea seemed to gel – we needed a local furniture and home store, one within Costa Ballena to service the new development that was happening here.

I knew exactly what we would offer – a selection of functional quality pieces at affordable prices, but more importantly, they would have the style and comfort to please the most demanding customer.

I knew about furniture, and I knew about comfort, and exactly how to achieve it. After lots of research and knowing what I was looking for, I had compiled lists of national manufacturers and providers we would visit every time we came to Costa Rica during our house planning and building process. I checked out their workshops and techniques and found some professional companies we wanted to work with. I was excited to fi nd that Ticas ran some of them! In February 2008, our fi rst store opened in Ojochal, where Citrus is now.

Royal Palm Interiors, diseño de interiores

We started small; every inch was fi lled in that little store. We had a “husband bench” at the door, where husbands waited patiently for their wives. There was barely room for two to shop! We quickly outgrew that space and set about looking for somewhere larger. We later moved into the ample Ballena Bistro building at Playa Ballena. It allowed us to show sofas and larger pieces, and offer a lot more variety with our catalogs.

It was a great location, and we enjoyed our time there. However, in 2011 a great opportunity came up in Uvita, so we moved again. Here was a much larger space with a warehouse and loading bay. Uvita was also more central, and that was important as the area was growing fast. We continued to expand and 2019, our showroom doubled in size and now includes fabulous modern furniture, bedding, and almost everything for the home – even Bar Keepers Friend! Thanks to the support from our loyal customers, we hope to continue to grow and serve the Costa Ballena area and beyond.

Our mission is “Love Where You Live”. We are here to help you do just that! Our professional Design Team is ready, from selecting color palettes to full home furnishings. We can also help you navigate the homebuilding fi nish selections, or refresh the look of recently purchased homes. Visit us soon to fi nd out more. We have exciting plans ahead, so follow our journey!

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