The Magic Of Love at Retro Restaurant

The Magic Of Love, a Romantic Dinner at Retro Restaurant

Author: Carlos Leon

In Uvita de Osa, there is an ideal place to have a romantic dinner; the Retro Restaurant combines its calm atmosphere with fine attention and a menu of delicious dishes.
Every February 14, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many countries of the world, a celebration whose origins date back to the third century AD. This year 2021, the celebration took on special relevance given humanity’s situation, which has influenced us to appreciate love and friendship better. For this February, Google searches reflected this, and precisely one of the featured products to celebrate the date was the romantic dinner.

Retro Restaurant offered a romantic dinner to celebrate San Valentine´s Day. That night we can say that the magic of love floated in the place. To complement the decoration, the fine attention, and the special menu that Chef Jordany prepared, we had the opportunity to enjoy the songs performed by Armando Román and incredible magic acts performed by two distinguished magicians, Bryan and Ernesto Melero, the latter was world champion of magic in 2016.

When interviewing them, the magician Bryan affirmed, “When you arrive at this place you can see the class in customer service, in the way they receive you and welcome you, especially by the owners, there would be no complaint. Claribel always has the smile that characterizes her and that unique way of being, Don Rodrigo, a man with a big heart and great humor worth its weight in gold. Truthfully, I enjoyed every detail of a magical night, a night that I will remember for always and I hope to repeat soon”.

The Magic Of Love at Retro Restaurant

Magician Ernesto Melero commented, “We were able to fully enjoy the artistic talent that accompanied us that night of love. Armando Román delighted us with his singing and the
excellent accompaniment of his guitar.    The excellent Retro food was combined with the fine and punctual service. Byron’s and my magic helped make the moon smile for everyone. Thank you, Retro, for opening your doors to us and making that day a place to meet again and fall in love. “

For his part, Armando Román told us, “On the night of February 14, 2021, we celebrated love and art with friends, couples, and family. Between surprising magic tricks, exquisite dishes, and an audience that sang to the end, we witnessed the love that surrounded us. My thing was to sing and celebrate with songs that unforgettable moonlit night that we lived in Retro. You can see the teamwork and passion of your hosts: Rodrigo and Claribel. Do not miss the opportunity to know this wonderful place. “

If you plan a romantic dinner with a loved one, Retro Restaurant is a great option to consider. 

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