Restaurant Maracuya: Street Food & Cocktail Bar

Maracuya Street Food & Cocktail Bar

Maracuya “Street Food & Cocktail Bar” (formerly La Casona) has all the flavor and color of a “trendy” restaurant. The attractive décor is pleasantly surprising with comfortable, relaxing sofas and a large terrace to observe the passers-by. The menu offers “Street Food”, which means a gourmet version of fast food served in food trucks and kiosks all over the world. There is an exhibition of irresistible tarts, French desserts and a great variety of wines and cocktails made by the mixologist. The design and decoration of the restaurant was the creation of Marcella Marciano of the famous Citrus Restaurant, as well as the elaborate menu. The remodeling was done with the collaboration of Mahana Pearl.

crew equipo Maracuya Street Food & Cocktail Bar

Owner Pablo Castillo Cartín and his wife Ileana came to Uvita 10 years ago. Pablo brought with him a career in business administration with an emphasis in Banking and Finance. Being a bank manager, he met Ileana at the Municipality of Pérez Zeledón, where she worked. When in 2007 the economic crisis in the USA reverberated in Costa Rica, the young couple had to change their plans and left for the beach. In Uvita, he negotiated the lease of the Marino Ballena Restaurant. Pablo had no clue about gastronomy, but did know about business. At this moment the only competition that he had was La Casona in front of the BCR. Later on he rented this place as well, covering two strategic points in Uvita. Pablo, together with his sister María, in charge of Maracuyá and Kattia, in charge of the Marino Ballena Restaurant, are very happy with the development of the new project. His father Freddy, a computer expert, supports him at all times. For the protection of the environment they try to be as responsible as possible. They offer take-away service with reusable containers, which you can bring when ordering a new take-out. We know you will return, since everything is exquisite in Maracuyá!


By Dagmar Reinhard

INFO: Maracuyá Street Food & Cocktail Bar – Tel: 2743 8787 - Ojochal Map #35

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