Restaurant Gusto: “I can’t stand people who don’t take food seriously”

El Gusto Francesca y Luca Restaurant Restaurante Dominical

“And for the record, its not us who say this, Oscar Wilde said it,” the owners Luca and Francesca declare when greeting us at their Italian Restaurant Gusto. The first impression is the cordial welcome and then we are captivated by the 180 degree view over creation. From the wide terrace we observe the lush forests at our feet and then the infinite ocean that is confused with the sky on the horizon. Luca, Francesca’s husband, serves us a Montepulciano red wine and a tray of cheeses and charcuterie. We only came for lunch and Gusto has already wrapped us in its magic. It was created to appreciate and admire the lush nature, toasting with a good wine and enjoying an excellent meal.

El Gusto vista y comensales Restaurant Restaurante Dominical

The menu offers a variety of pastas, meats and fish. We picked homemade gnocchi, small balls, made of potatoes and flower, in an exquisite sauce. The preparation is made with the freshest products from the organic markets of the surrounding villages, as well as with the spices, olive oil, cheeses and wines that they import from Italy. “We prepare light and healthy food according to the best Italian recipes,” says Francesca. “The passion for cooking began with my mama and grandma.” Francesca and Luca gained experience in several restaurants and cooking courses in preparation for this adventure. Before deciding to live in Costa Rica, Francesca and Luca traveled a lot. Luca came to Dominical for the first time on a graduation trip.

The brief contact with this tropical paradise made him want to return. After several years, leaving behind their jobs, Luca in engineering and Francesca in marketing, they decided not to leave the future for when they were old but to live it now. In 2015, both toured Costa Rica and finally decided for the lush green in the South Pacific. They found Ranchos Remo  South of Dominical and knew immediately that here they could recreate their vision of a simpler and quieter life in an environment of great human warmth. “Thanks also to our  collaborators, especially Denis, we have been able to create the restaurant Gusto.” Pet friendly.

By Dagmar Reinhard

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