Respect the Elders

Robert Rogers #team #ballenatales #costaballenaloversby Robert E. Rodgers
The theme of this issue of Ballena Tales is the spheres located at and around Palmar Sur down here in our neck of the woods. I was given the task of writing about having respect for the artifacts. Showing respect is part of being socialized, and it is the polite thing to do.
Baby Boomers were taught to respect their elders. I don’t recall anybody ever asking “why” we should respect our elders since the answer seemed obvious: because; but if asked the answer always seemed likely to be “because they know things” we (the youngsters) don’t know. That leads to thinking about what we do know about the spheres.
Maybe “know” is not the correct term; maybe suspect would be more accurate. We have strong ideas about who made the spheres, when they were made, out of what materials the spheres were made, and even how they were fashioned. All not hard to imagine given our current state of the sciences of archeology and anthropology. The one answer that evades us is in the question of “why” were the spheres made, fashioned, invented, whatever is the proper term?
Not strictly so but the spheres are our elders, and if they could talk, they could tell us the answer to the “why.” Until I know that, I’m going to respect the spheres, because it is the polite thing to do. We at Ballena Tales, hope everybody, visitors and locals alike, treat the spheres as is properly due to any national monument.

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