Reserva Playa Tortuga

Logo RPTReserva Playa Tortuga is a nonprofit biological research and education center formed in 2009 by members of the community (“neighborhood scientists”) and Costa Rican scientists.
RPT aims to contribute to the field of biological research and to conservation management based on science, while promoting a culture of environmental conservation in the influence areas of the national Térraba – Sierpe wetlands.
They plan to start construction of a nursery by mid-June, and night patrols will start by July 1. The Turtle Season lasts from July to December.


Turtle hatchery at playa tortuga

9-Release-of-the-turtles-at-Playa-Tortuga-by-Nikki-WhelanReserva Playa Tortuga is located in Ojochal de Osa, just crossing the Balso river bridge on your right, 25m South and 200 West on Turtle Beach Road.
Phone: + ( 506 ) 2786-5200
Juan Manuel Salazar / Manager – Volunteer Program Coordinator
Oscar Brenes / Biologist , Director RPT
Hours: 8am-3pm ( with exceptions in turtle season )



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