Reptilandia: A New Amazon Habitat

Amazon Habitat in Reptilandia Un habitat como el amazonas

At Parque Reptilandia, we are always improving the enclosures for our animals. A study is made of the habitat of the concerning species by available literature and photographs. Sometimes the photographs are from my own portfolio, other times from books or the internet. This time we provided a new habitat for our caiman lizards (Dracaena guianensis). Recently, we split an existing exhibit in two. One part of the enclosure is for the babies to grow until they are big enough to be moved to another place. Every year we breed these gorgeous lizards, so this way the youngsters can enjoy a natural setup. The public can also enjoy the little ones sunning themselves or taking a swim in their private pool with running waternat. The enclosure next to it displays adult caiman lizards. These lizards enjoy the company of some freshwater turtles. We also built a fake termite mound like the ones that can be seen in the  Amazon.

Amazon Habitat in Reptilandia Un habitat como el amazonas

Since wild Caiman lizards are known to deposit their eggs in these, we provided one for our captive animals. Our goal at Reptilandia is to copy, as close as possible, the natural habitat of our beloved reptiles. By doing this, we stimulate the natural behavior of the specific animals. Hiding places are very important for reducing stress. The trick is to place them in a way that the public still can spot the animal. The health of the animals is a top priority. Plants and hollow logs serve as hideouts but also provide shade. Reptiles are ectothermic animals, meaning that they get their body temperature from the surrounding environment. So being able to warm up in the sun, is as important as cooling off in the shade. Come for a visit and watch our reptiles flourish and grow.

By Roel de Plecker

CONTACT: Roel de Plecker – Reptilandia

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