Remaining in balance


by Trevor Brown

Although small in size, Dominical offers a lot of diversity when considering all the possibilities of outdoor sports and recreation. Having seasons where the temperature doesn't drastically change allows for consistency in your favorite sport all year round. For the enthusiasts, it's a dream come true! However, is there such thing as too much of a good idea? Yes, there can be. The dream is only sustainable with balance.

Practicing a lot of one particular sport can lead to muscle generation in the areas of frequent use, leaving other parts of your body left to compensate. For example, surfers build most of their muscle in the upper body, lacking relative leg strength. For cyclists, legs get most of the workout, and the opposite can occur. As a result, the body will become out of balance, making it susceptible to injury. Although these are more extreme examples, the same theory applies to most sports.

So what can be done to avoid this?

Treat yourself to some variety. On days when you get rained out or on any off-day, intentionally participate in an activity or workout different from what your body might typically experience. In Dominical, we have a brand new gym, as well as a yoga studio open daily where you can customize your workout to achieve that balance. The fresh food available in Dominical's farmer's market, supermarkets, and restaurants will keep you nourished to aid you in your workout recovery.

Remaining in balance 1

Much of the life-style in Dominical revolves around sports and activities. As soon as your daily passion is cut short due to an injury, only then do you realize the importance of keeping your body in proper balance. As someone who speaks from recent experience with this dilemma, I can only hope that others become conscious of this to avoid any future injuries. The dream of practicing your favorite sport all year long in Dominical is possible, so long as you remain in balance.



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