rejuvenation of the face - rejuvenecimiento de la cara -

Different options for the rejuvenation of the face

By Dr. Monica Alfaro

Our face may show signs of aging like wrinkles, sagging, dark circles under the eyes, spots, and irregular texture. Sometimes our eyelids become droopy and heavy and can even make it difficult for us to read or even watch television, particularly at the end of the day.

Others, our cheeks sag and give us a loose skin and “puppy dog cheeks or jowls”. Irregular texture and tone are other signs of aging too.

There are different options available for the rejuvenation of the face. A surgical approach involves a blepharoplasty or eyelid lift. A small incision is made in the eyelid to remove fat pads that give us the appearance of bags under the eyes. Some skin is also removed to tighten and make the eyelids lighter. A neck lift can tighten the skin of the neck. And a facelift can tighten the skin on the lower, middle, and upper face.

If you need them all, you can combine them all, which is common, and have a face, neck and eyelid lift.

Non-surgical approaches are readily available in Costa Ballena with Plasmage, an Italian technology that uses plasma energy to rejuvenate the skin. This plasma energy ionizes the air in contact with the skin. It produces sublimation of the tissues. In other words, it contracts and tightens the skin. It will give you a fresher, younger look with smoother eyelids and can even slightly elevate your eyebrows.

The procedure is performed under topical anesthesia in about 30 minutes. Right after the procedure, your skin will have small brownish dots that remain for about five days, during which you should not expose yourself to the sun. Special aftercare creams are used for a week and a nourishing moisturizer for a month to enhance the results. The final results are visible after eight weeks. Some people will require a second or even third session, depending on the condition of their skin and the areas treated.

It is an excellent technique to use for overall rejuvenation. It treats wrinkles, spots, small fibroid type lesions, and scars, probably results from acne or even surgery.  It works well for treatment on the chest or around the mouth for “smoker lips.” Some patients are also good candidates for tightening the jawline, cheeks, and even neck.

A combination of treatments can also improve your results. So, combining Plasmage with Dermapen, PRP (Platelet rich plasma), chemical peels, botulinum toxin, or even dermal fillers are always an option. The treatment will depend on your specific needs, so talking to a trained professional is still the best way to choose the right treatment.

Dermapen is excellent for texture, spots, fine lines, building collagen, as well as PRP, which can be performed in combination. These also work very well for hair loss in both men and women.  Chemical peels also improve texture, tone, and stimulate collagen production. They can also help with a roughness that appears in patches with prolonged sun exposure. Traditional options can also be of great benefit like botulinum toxin. It relaxes dynamic wrinkles and dermal fillers that restore volume to face, lips, and hands.

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