Rehabilitate and Release

~ by Licda. Dannia Segura Jiménez

At the Wildlife Sanctuary we have a very clear mission: rescue, rehabilitate and release. With these principles in mind this project was created more than two years ago, and we are sure that we have managed to have a positive impact on the community.

The process of releasing a species is somewhat complicated, we always try to ensure that all cases conclude in a happy ending but it is not an easy task, since the captive holding of animals is still quite high and their level of domestication is so great.

It often prevents them from having the opportunity to be released.

However, there is hope especially with the babies who arrive at the sanctuary, they have lost their mother by accidents, electrocutions or mistreatment. In our center we have a team composed of staff and volunteers that is in charge of giving them the love and care that these small ones need, always following the breeding protocols to achieve a successful release.

Rehabilitate and Release - Wildlife Sanctuary - Uvita, Osa, Pacifico Sur

This process begins just when the animal enters the sanctuary, in an integral way we are working on their health, diet and contact with humans so that these babies reach the appropriate age of release with the necessary skills to be able to function in their habitat.

Among the most common species we receive in the center are tamanduas, sloths, opossums, raccoons and coatis.

Today we want to tell you about the case of one of our baby anteaters: Luna came to the sanctuary at two months of age and we worked very hard to raise her for about a year until she became a beautiful and healthy anteater completely ready to return to nature.

This fills us with much pride and happiness and encourages us to continue working.

To this day we have 21 babies among sloths, anteaters, owls, opossums, iguanas, kinka jous and others that require our attentions and after much effort will be reintroduced to nature.

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