Real Estate is the first step in Business

Real Estate is the first step in business

AUTHOR: Osa Tropical Properties

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When I started studying tourism as a career at the university, during the university, and even after finishing my studies, the relationship between a Real Estate office with tourism and other businesses never crossed my mind.

I remember at some point have taken a course where they spoke of initial investment, and they estimated the value of the land and building. Still, it did not go further since it was not the central axis of the course. Due to my lack of experience, I assumed that it was only given an approximate value to the property and did not think about how investors choose the right place to invest in developing their project.

After four years of working in the RE/MAX We Sell Paradise office, I can say that the role of real estate offices is crucial in the development of many economic activities (if not most), including tourism activities. Project management often begins in real estate. This is where significant information is compiled regarding residential, commercial, farms, and lots for sale in the area of ​​influence where the office operates and other regions through linkages between offices and real estate agents. The characteristics of the properties vary as much as the client’s tastes: ocean view, mountain view, close to the beach, immersed in the jungle, and more.

The function of the Real Estate is to provide the necessary advice on what are the stocks in the market, prices, the steps to follow in terms of property review procedures, entities where to go for various studies, lawyers who can assist you in case of not having one and much more. 

Of course, this does not mean that a real estate agent should know absolutely everything. Still, it is the person who helps guide the purchase process, giving the client security and peace of mind that they work with serious and responsible people.

Once the property or properties that meet the client’s expectations are located, the purchase process begins, which will have a due diligence period and will culminate with the closing of the purchase.

Real Estate is the first step in Business

Investors make use of and enjoy the various tourist services available in the area as any other national or foreign tourist would do, in activities such as accommodation, food, tours, rent a car, others. Still, their main objective is to invest in one or more properties that at some point will be part of the generation of local jobs in numerous activities in various sectors.

For this reason, Real Estate is the first step in business.

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