The Rainbow Bridge

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Perla Mae. “Where’s Mom Shawnell?”
Pumpkin. “Gone to Rainbow Bridge.”
Teddy Puss. “What’s that?”
Losa. “It’s a special place for pets when they die. It’s a beautiful meadow. They run and play all day. There is always fresh food and water, and the sun is always shining. But, while at peace and happy, they miss their special human whom they left behind on Earth. When their special human dies, they come to the meadow and together, they cross Rainbow Bridge.”
Teddy Puss. “Cool. Can I go? “
Lamos. “Patience Teddy, you’re one.”
Tulipan. “Are you tellin’ me that all of Mom’s special pets are there waiting for her?”
Losa. “Everyone who passed away.”
Lincoln. “Even the ones she rescued and found homes for?”
Losa. “Yep, she loved them one and all.”
Lincoln. ‘Wait a minute; most of the 1374 she rescued are still alive. What happens to them?”
Sally. “I’m guessing she will make many trips back to Rainbow Bridge to get them.”
Tulipan. “And, us?”
Lamos. “For sure.”
Perla. “So, what’s going to happen to the ones who need help in the future?”

Losa. “Don’t know.“
Sally. “Other humans will help, right?”
Losa. “Hope so.”
Tulipan. Why wouldn’t they?
Losa. “Don’t know.”
Lincoln. “How do they help, anyway?”
Lalmos. “They foster, teach them how to get along with humans, bath and feed, pick ticks, bandage wounds, go for walks, and …”
Perla Mae. “And, mostly, they just love them.”
Teddy. “Cool.”
Pumpkin. “There must be tons of humans who will do that.”
Losa. “Don’t know.”
Lincoln. “Probably cost a lot for all that medication they stick down our throats and up our butts.”
Perla. “And food.”
Pumpkin. “Yeah, but humans are generous. They will help, right?”
Losa. “Hope so.”
Tulipan. “But DAWG will always be here, right?”
Losa. “Don’t know. It depends”
Shawnell Lisa Parker, Founder/President of DAWG, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on September 11, 2018. May she rest in peace!

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By Tom Parker

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