Rafael Steyners was born in the land of the famous “Guajira Guantanamera”, in the picturesque valley of the city of Guantánamo, located in the Province of Guantánamo south of the Caimán Dormido, the beautiful island of Cuba.
At the age of three, Rafael danced and sang to the sound of a portable radio. His mother smiled when she saw him but she never gave it much importance, since another plan was in the works since then. She would rather see him become a doctor than an artist from stage to stage. “Felito-as his family affectionately calls him, he was born on the day of Saint Raphael, Divine Doctor, and that he will be,” always affirmed that imposing mother.

Rafael always strived to excel in his training, both academically and artistically during his years of professional artistic education at the Vocational School of Art-EVA and at the National School of Art – ENA. The latter is a famous arts boarding school in the City of Havana. For four years, he studied various artistic disciplines to become what today can be considered a “star”: dancer, singer, musician, and actor.

After finishing his studies graduating with honors, his mother, with great pride, understood once and for all that Rafael’s vocation and passion was, is, and always will be art!
In Cuba, he had the great honor of sharing the stage with many of the great artists, having the privilege of being part of the great cast of Tropicana de Cuba in the City of Matanzas, debuting for the first time in the famous production and show “Simpson’s Heights”, under the artistic direction of the acclaimed Andrés Gutiérrez and Santiago Alfonso.
After a fruitful and exciting career in Cuba, Rafael wants to expand his horizons and decides to move to Canada, where he forges himself as a competitive Ballroom dancer and reaffirms his vocal skills once again, leaving a huge audience in “ahhhhhhh” from Australian, European and American stages.


After long years of intense artistic life, Rafael retires as a dancer at the age of 32 and chooses the south of Costa Rica as his perfect destination for it. “Costa Rica reminds me a lot of Cuba – he exposes with feeling – I love its beaches and beautiful landscapes, it is a quiet country, with very respectful and pleasant people”
Soon Rafael knew that Ojochal had his music scene, especially in the famous Bamboo Room where he swept with his songs full of feeling and rhythm. There he captured everyone’s admiration, captivating the ladies who loved his art and his beautiful and infectious smile.

At Sud Lounge, a pleasant restaurant with a comfortable atmosphere on the main avenue of Ojochal, Rafael performs every Friday night from 7-9 PM. A bit of show business, a bit of glamor, hot rhythms, well-known songs to sing along to, an excellent atmosphere, and very good cuisine.

Meanwhile, he is building his dream, developing a very interesting project located in Tres Ríos, minutes south of Ojochal: Vayu Retreat Villas and Boutique Hotel, the first hotel in Costa Rica with a holistic approach, which integrates smart technology to promote relaxation and well-being during your stay.

Rafael could not contain himself and reveals a great surprise, the creation of an amphitheater, where he will be returning to his times as “showman”, accompanied by several guest artists among other shows and productions. How exciting!
Come and listen to Rafael, who definitely has the rhythm in his blood!


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