Pulseándola bonito …

Pulseándola bonito …

Author: Dagmar Reinhard

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“Hi Harry, can you explain to me what  Pulseandolo bonito stands for”?

“It means that you get up early every morning with a lot of enthusiasm to carry out your daily chores.” So I get up by 5 am, take my dogs Goliat and Brandon out to run next to the bicycle. By 6 am, we are back, and I start to prepare my business. By 7, we receive the first customers buying fruit on their way to work or the beach and fresh vegetables for lunch.

At 4 pm, I take my dogs on another stroll along Bahía; sometimes, we swim in the river around the corner. By 8 pm, I close the store.”  

Four years ago, Harry returned to Uvita, where he found a suitable place for his business. He is the owner of Frutas y Vegetales del Rio en Bahía. His rustic palapa place offers shade and is well maintained. He receives his clients with a broad smile and the best humor.

Pulseandola bonito..

Perhaps, you have never seen red Costarrican mammon or a long yucca root? So, he friendly explains the products. Depending on the season, you’ll find a wide range of exotic fruit at Harry’s Fruit & Vegetables. Harry buys directly from local farmers, making the products more affordable, savings he passes on to his customers. On the other hand, less distance means fresher merchandise. 

A MUST is to try cool coco milk right from the coconut or have a glass of ice-cold Kombucha.

Harry is from a bóxer family. His uncle, who won various national championships, always told him that he was born with gloves in his hands. He postponed the dream of becoming a bóxer when he left for New Jersey. 

There he drove a truck to earn enough money to buy property in his homeland. Not everything was work; there, he met Betty, an extraordinary athlete (she participated in marathons in New York and Brazil). She shared his dreams and motivated him day by day to keep going. Meanwhile, he was learning English.

Harry adds: “I thank neighbors and visitors for buying their fruits with us! My Project is to be able to supply all merchandise from my own harvest to secure that it is free of chemicals and insecticides.”  

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