Now go, make us proud out there!

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By Dagmar Reinhard ~ Photos: Avi Haibi

Patrón’s is sponsoring Costa Rica’s first tested drug free surf team.

“Now go, make us proud out there!”, these were the words with which La Patrona sent her team away to the 4th QuickSilver Triple Crown contest in Jacó.

“Taking the passion for surfing to a professional level,” she said, “we are quickly rising above the rest, offering our youth role models and making our friends and family proud. Our surf team of ten surfers started a strict fitness regimen including yoga, weight training and intense cardio and receives regular instructions by coach Álvaro Solano, a surfing legend and national surf champion.”


The rules to enter the team are:

1. Live in Dominical

2. Work at Patron’s

3. Strict drug abstinence.




We interviewed three of the team members:

Jossue Venegas considers Playa Dominical his backyard, and works at Patron’s as their official DJ (DJ Swell.) He is in charge of Costa Rican and international DJ productions.

Now his daily routine has drastically changed: apart from surfing, he works out and practices yoga regularly. He is proud of his seven year old daughter who already shows excellent surfing aptitude and has participated at the surf contest in Jacó in the mini-grom category.

Jorge González Rivera, alias “El Flaco,” came to Dominical after being offered a job when he was 19 years old. Whenever he was free he went surfing. Rony Obando, now Dominical’s surf ambassador gave him his first instructions. To be part of Patron´s surf team definitely represents a complete change of life and a great challenge for him.

“El Flaco” recently became the administrator of Patron’s brand-new surf shop. Grand opening soon!

#patrons, #proud, #surfing-dominical, #puravida, #costaballenalovers #drugfreeKevin Grant, the bar manager, recently gave his promise to stay away from drugs undergoing Patron’s strict drug tests.

“I am now part of the Patron’s surfing team” he said proudly, “learning to be a better person and being an example for my son Will, five years of age. I am very happy and appreciate the great opportunity Crystal and Mike are offering.”

In exchange for Patron’s sponsorship the team has to do community work, such as beach cleaning or painting jobs at the school.

An excellent initiative – pura vida!

Patron’s Surf Contest in Dominical will be held January 2nd, 2016.

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