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AUTHOR: Dagmar Reinhard

Gilberth Eliécer Villegas Ureña is a native of Coto Brus, the canton in the mountains at the southern tip of Costa Rica. At 18, he was overcome by  "wanderlust," a great desire to travel and see another continent. He joined relatives in New Jersey in the United States, where he soon found work in a bakery. Gilberth says this was the end of a, up to this point, skinny boy.

True to his job, he stayed for nine years in the north. He absorbed the new culture regarding punctuality, service perfection, hard work, courtesy, especially English. He made many friends with natives that he still cultivates today.

He had been able to save all his money and when he returned to Coto Brus, he was able to invest in a property and build the family home in his hometown of San Vito, which is very multicultural. It has Italian, Amish, indigenous, and of course, Costa Rican influences.

He began to teach English classes and became increasingly interested in tourism. Knowing the area of ​​Costa Ballena, he was impressed by the biodiversity, the landscapes, the ocean, the beaches, mountains, and everything that a visitor offered.

private transport

He worked at a prestigious hotel in Dominical, the first stopover for many investors since he had the internet - a rarity at the time. His performance as a concierge in another renowned hotel made him increasingly familiar with the tourist offer of the paradisiacal region of the South Pacific.

In order to work with more freedom of schedule, he began to work with a 4x4 taxi, taking clients from all over the world to the different hotels in the area and learning more about their preferences. A year ago, he purchased his own van; it has a capacity of 13 people. It is very comfortable with A / C, with reclining armchairs, WiFi, individual reading lights, and a trailer if his clients have a lot of luggage.

Don Gilberth's base is the South Pacific; he can take or bring his clients in private transportation from the airport to their destination. For him, all his clients are very special; he attends them with dedication and treats them with care.

private transport

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