Playful and Innovative Yoga on the Barú River

by Dagmar Reinhard

Heidi Michelle was born in sunny Southern California and lived in Las Vegas, Nevada. This might be the reason she loves the deserts and the watery places of the Earth.


In 2010, she first came to Costa Rica just after a traumatic separation from her husband. As an experienced yoga teacher, she started working in Monteverde, and it was there where she planted the seeds of the dream to live and work part time in beloved Costa Rica to overcome her sadness.

One year and a half later, she was recommended for a position as Yoga Director with a retreat center in Uvita, where she’s been living “home-free” for nearly five years, residing in Costa Rica in the winter months and traveling to teach yoga abroad during the Northern summer months. She has become part of the Envision community and has been leading workshops at the Festival.

In 2015 Heidi took SUP Yoga teacher training in Costa Rica and was hooked right away! In Dominical she found the right partners, Rachel and Nego from Pineapple Kayak Tours, together they created an outdoor yoga studio, essentially, with ropes and anchors that keep the boards stable underneath a very old and beautiful “Powder Puff” tree, often visited by the most colorful scarlet macaws.

yoga, sup, baru river

“What is so special about practicing it on the Barú river?” we asked her.

“There is nothing like practicing yoga enveloped by 360 degrees of blue and green nature,” she said.

Heidi feels that it is a joy to help unwind some of the stress people bring from their very busy city lives, introducing them to healthy food and living habits, and sending them home more relaxed in their bodies and minds.

Personally it’s been a beautiful journey of discovering myself. I feel infinitely blessed.

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