Platelet-rich plasma

Platelet-rich plasma

Author: Dra. Mónica Alfaro – Hotel Cuna del Angel

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Platelet-rich plasma is a preparation of the patient’s blood plasma. This platelet concentrate obtained from PRP has significant amounts of bioactive proteins, growth factors, and peripheral stem cells. These components are of great importance to initiate and accelerate tissue repair and regeneration.

This 20-year-old technique applied in orthopedics and dentistry with excellent results has been used for several years to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin. The platelet-rich plasma components improve the immune and vascular status in the treated area, helping to create new blood vessels and thus increase oxygenation of the tissues. They reduce the risk of inflammation and accelerate the physiological processes of tissue repair. The growth factors stimulate the fibroblasts, and they enable the generation of collagen.

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An extraction of approximately 60cc of blood is centrifuged and prepared for its application by medical personnel. The product can be applied to different body areas, such as nasolabial folds, wrinkles or expression lines on the forehead, eye contour, cheeks, neck, décolleté, in general in the areas of the face to be rejuvenated. It is also used in the rejuvenation of the hands and for the capillary strengthening of the scalp.

The treatment is excellent for both women and men. The immediate effect is filling with slight edema. However, after six weeks, the regeneration of the skin is more evident. It will look fresh, illuminated, much improved.

The treatment can be repeated according to the requirements of your skin. Some application strategies recommend one application every month for three months, others one or two a year. The important thing is to assess the condition at the beginning of treatment and thus determine your needs. The most interesting thing is that since it is an autologous (own) product, the body will not present reactions of any kind.

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