Pineapple Ventanas Beach Waves and Caves tour.

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Duration: 4-5 hours
$75 per person

4 person minimum

Tour departure time is based off the low tide

LEVEL – Intermediate -Advanced **

CHANCE TO SEE: Dolphins, Whales, Sea Turtles, Pelicans, Frigatebirds, Shore Birds, Toucans, Monkeys

If you are down for this memorable challenge, you will get the opportunity to paddle on the turquoise waters to check the amazing cave and arch formations that appears along the lush, mountainous coastline of Ventanas Beach. This tour is for people who want high-adrenaline and are not afraid to get a good workout to see something spectacular.


This tour requires good physical condition and a sense of adventure!

You will paddle for over 2 hours on the ocean, dealing with big waves, swells, sun, etc.

(AGE 15 and UP, sorry no health issues or pregnant women!)

For SUP Tour – Must be Advanced!

WHAT TO BRING: Hat, Bathing Suit, Sunscreen, Towel for after, Waterproof Camera, Sunglass straps


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