Physical Training

entrenamiento fisico

by Leo Guzman

To achieve the desired level of performance, training in a gym starts from the genetic potential of the person. It is a planned process that seeks to create favorable conditions for the progress of the individual through the use of body exercises and mental preparation.

It works on physical capabilities, which, according to their function, are: strength, endurance, speed, and flexibility. Also, complementary motor skills are incorporated: coordination and balance.

The physical training consists of four basic principles, which are: Principle of adaptation, Principle of progression, Principle of continuity, and Principle of an alternation. These are of the utmost importance to achieve an excellent physical condition and therefore, practical training. Leo Guzman, coach of the Patron's Gym in Dominical notes:

"Maybe for many, it is just a hobby or a vanity. Maybe for others, it's just a luxury or a matter of fashion.

Some criticize the outcome of others with false stereotypes, and not knowing about the effort, discipline, hours, and hours spent to achieve a goal. There is a goal, a dream where there is only one result, only one rival, which is tireless, ruthless, and without feelings. You fight every day against that mirror, against yourself. You don't care about the hours and the pain that persists incessantly,

You are only against yourself; there face to face looking at you, looking at every detail to improve. Your reflection looks for an excuse to make, trying to find a reason to give up the challenge you have set yourself and that goal that you have dreamed about so much.

Looking for a path your feet guide you to a great destination that opens new worlds.

Your health is the most valuable thing you have, but only a small imbalance can cause enormous atrocities with even fatal and critical results. Don't care about what they say and what they think. Don't mind the words of criticism without knowledge. Just be yourself, focusing on that goal, on your dream that you have wanted so much to become true and never stay behind!"

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