Petanque in Ojochal: Much More than a Game

Petanque petanca juego game

According to Michele Moutquin, petanque has a longstanding tradition in Ojochal. French speakers from Canada, France and Switzerland met in 2005 at La Palmeraie, then at El Coco, the previous El Fuego, Fabricio's Pizzeria, the Sud restaurant and the Pancito Café parking lot. Finally they have found their home in the Hotel Diquis, where the manager don François has prepared two good courts. At the end of the games on Sunday mornings, the players full of the spirit of camaraderie sit together to have a shot of Ricar or Pastis, traditional drink in France. The game is for all ages and sexes, and there are many retirees who love it, since one spends a good time in good company and it helps to stay in good shape. It is an economic sport; you just have to have a bit of daring and training.

Petanque petanca juego game

The game can be played on any type of flat terrain (size: 2,50m x 10 or 12m long). Two teams of one, two or three players face each other. Each one has 3 steel balls with a maximum weight of 800 grams and a diameter of 7 cm. A circumference of 35 to 50 cm in diameter is drawn on the ground, from which the team chosen by draw, the first throws the bowling (marble) at a distance between 6 and 10 meters. From this circle the players must throw their balls. The objective of the game is to land the balls as close as possible to the bowling. It is played in turns, one each team. When all the players have thrown the balls, each team counts their points. The score depends on the number of balls that have come closest to the bowling. The game ends when a team reaches 13 points. Come and join the fun!

By Dagmar Reinhard

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