Permaculture at Tom’s estate

There’s an incredible amount of brainpower going into a coherent system capable of supporting healthy living and eating. Tom Nagel, owner of Hotel Cuna del Angel, was not satisfied enough with a gluten-free restaurant which can alleviate peoples´ allergic reactions to gluten; therefore, he has gone further with a long-term project of permaculture to grow his own fruit and vegetables to provide the hotel´s kitchen with the freshest food every day.

Permaculture at Tom's estate

Once you step into Cuna del Angel, you will feel well-taken care, everyone, from management to each level of the staff, are ready to make of your health and beauty vacation, the most relaxing and rewarding experience.
In addition, Dr. Monica will take care of all the medical arrangements and supervision while you become healthier and your energy increases.

Tom´s permaculture farm is located far up in the mountains, overseeing the ocean and with a wonderful sea breeze all year round. He improved the soil with organic materials, and his knowledgeable workers grew an edible garden, where every plant provides nutrients to the nearby plants through the whole chain, creating a symbiotic relationship. The finca has several tilapia ponds and produces fruits and vegetables using hydroponics. Organic farm animals such as chicken, rabbits, goats, and pigs are raised with the highest welfare in mind.

One of the most important aspects of permaculture when applied to farming, is the renewal of vital oligo-elements or trace minerals like iron and zinc, which often get lost when using conventional agricultural practices, diminishing the nutritional value of the crops, and potentially creating serious health problems.

Living and eating healthy, has become a way of life for Tom and his wife Anke, and they want to share with you that conviction of eating healthy because it is not only delicious, but it will make you feel better.

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