Paul Gerace ~ from Graffiti to Wildlife

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By Dagmar Reinhard

Paul Gerace has turned his attention from New York City graffiti images to the most colorful birds, wildlife, and surf photography.
Paul was born in New York and got his interest in photography from his father who taught him the basics as well as the appreciation for having the final image appear as it was originally conceived – a precious moment captured for all time.
Paul’s appreciation for Latin culture began in the Dominican Republic with its colorful parades, beautiful beaches, and people showing great enthusiasm for life.
About six years ago, he started planning for his retirement, looking forward to warmer climates and wanting to live a more peaceful lifestyle. He did extensive Internet research about the advantages of retiring in Costa Rica. What Paul liked the most was the national health care system which is very accessible, a large and solid middle class, and an overall inexpensive cost of living. He chose Costa Ballena for its lush rainforest and all the colorful wildlife he can photograph.#ballenatales #art #paulgerace #puravida #costaballenalovers #graffiti #photography
“It is a joy to be an active photographer during my retirement years here in Costa Ballena; it allows me to capture those special moments that are rarely seen.
Those moments have portrayed Aracaris feeding one another, a baby sloth’s first steps away from its mother, mating rituals of Bare-Throated Tiger Herons, WhiteFaced Monkeys being affectionate with each other during the play-time, a Slaty-Tailed Trogon eating a large walking stick bug, and a Squirrel Monkey eating a katydid,”Paul said.

8×10 matted photos and postcards are available at gift shops and Info Centers.

Contact Paul; [email protected]

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