PASE Project: Responsible Consumption of Snapper and Corvina


Red snapper

Both, snapper and corvina are names of fish that include different varieties. In the snapper family, we find the Rose spotted snapper, Red snapper, and Yellowtail snapper among others. The most common one and the favorite among consumers is the Rose spotted snapper; personally, I think all of them are delicious.

Corvina is also known as Whitefin weakfish and Stripped weakfish, among others. All of them are very good eating. It is important to understand that what we are being sold as corvineta, it is not corvina, but the meat of an eel, which, is a very good eating, but not corvina. Another example is the pangasius or striped catfish imported from Asian countries, and sold frozen; in my opinion, they are a lower-quality fish compared to the fresh species we have in Osa. When you go shopping for seafood, make sure you know exactly what you are buying.

Both, snapper and corvina are species with fast recovery from fishing, as long as the regulations are observed, since it is of great importance to preserve the juveniles that are going to breed the next generation of fish. Nevertheless, it would be preferable if consumers do not focus solely on these specific species of fish, since there are others that are equally tasty and good eating.


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