“PASE” Playa Tortuga Reserve Project

PASE - Playa Tortuga, Ojochal - Costa Rica

PASE – Playa Tortuga, Ojochal – Costa Rica

Where does the fish I eat come from? What kind of process has it gone through? Whom am I paying for the value of that product? Am I eating a sustainable product?

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The “PASE” project (Sustainable Ecosystem for Artisanal Fisheries) at Playa Tortuga, intends to face several issues. PASE is a project created to meet three different and strongly related needs.

  1. The urgency to make changes in the exploitation practices of the marine resources in order to ensure its sustainability.
  2. The anglers need to improve the marketing of their products, and the local businesses need increased access to sustainable and better seafood.
  3. The lack of knowledge of commercial fish groups, their habitat, and their relationship to other marine species.[singlepic id=644 w=320 h=240 float=right]

In 2012, we conducted three training workshops, attended by 100 fishermen from Dominicalito, Cortes, Coronado, and the shellfish collectors from the Térraba Sierpe National Wetland. We also had the first meeting with owners of several restaurants and supermarkets in Costa Ballena, with the purpose of promoting sustainable seafood consumption and fair trade with anglers.

We started with sampling to consolidate the scientific research plan; we also initiated dives to study the habitat conditions. We went out in boats to observe the species, size, and maturity of the catches made by anglers. In the future, the ideal would be the creation of a “PASE” point of sale, where the anglers will sell their catch directly to consumers. With the support of those who consume fish and shellfish, we can contribute to the protection of marine resources of Osa, and the communities that depend on them.

INFO:   Proyecto PASE www.paseosa.org or 2786-5200

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