Costa Ballena, a paradise in the Making

~ by Trevor Brown

When I moved to Dominical, the road connecting Costa Ballena to Quepos was unpaved; the single lane, washboard road, took about 1.5 hours to navigate via old bridges and river crossings that were constantly washed out or uncrossable at the time. 

However, this lack of infrastructure shielded Costa Ballena from the first wave of mass development that drastically changed much of Guanacaste province and Pacific towns like Jacó and Manuel Antonio more than 10 years ago. This raw, seemingly untouched coastline, was the reason why I, and others like me, chose to settle here. 

Costa Ballena, a paradise in the Making 1

Times have changed, and the nicest stretch of the Coastal Highway in the country now links Costa Ballena to the rest of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. The big questions are, will that change our area for better or worse? Will Costa Ballena maintain its low-key charm? The choice is yours. There is no doubt that the area will grow, and change is inevitable.

Growth often carries a negative connotation but it doesn’t have to as long as it happens responsibly. What I’ve learned from my neighbors is that nobody wants to see high-rise condo complexes and hotels scarring the skyline and impacting the nature surrounding us.

We should act together to create the future of our little communities; build progressively, not aggressively. Strive for sustainability and be less intrusive. With this mindset, we’ll maintain our more rustic, bohemian vibe that keeps people coming back. 

Our community lacks groups of local cohesion focused on development, but we can make our wishes be expressed in writing, word of mouth, and leading by example.

I’ve traveled a lot looking for similar places and have found no place on the planet quite like Costa Ballena. Be proud that Costa Ballena is different from those towns north of us; be responsible and make sure our rivers are clean, our jungles thriving with wildlife, and our future will be bright.

INFO: Trevor Brown – (506)8500-8114 – [email protected]

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