“OUT OF THE BLUE” Sings your Favorite Song!

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When Scott Stephens founded Liquid Blue in 1996, his first hire was guitarist Michael Vangerov, who had recently departed from Elektra recording artist Chain Reaction. What started as a four-piece San Diego bar band grew to a 12-member international touring act that eventually traveled to 120 countries, released sixteen albums (including a Billboard hit single), and garnered a Guinness World Record.

After 20 years of touring the world with Liquid Blue, and establishing a home base and headquarters in Ocean Beach, California, Scott decided to replace Michael and himself with younger performers that could continue the high-energy performance level that the band had become known for. The two, both avid bodysurfers, then set off in search of the “endless summer” lifestyle, living for a time in Western Australia as well as the Philippines and touring as a duo under the names “Acoustic Blue” and “Two From Blue.” All the while continuing to manage Liquid Blue from afar due to advances in modern technology. When it became too difficult to maintain business affairs with the 16-hour time difference between Australia and California, the two came to Central America to check out surf locations in Nicaragua, Panama and Costa Rica. Costa Rica won this search and Scott, with his partner Selina, and his colleague Michael, settled in their new-found home in Uvita.

The former Liquid Blue stars continue to perform here in Costa Rica as a duo under the name “Out of the Blue.” You can catch them performing around town at the best live music venues. Their shows feature audience requests and typically start just after sunset and end at 8 PM as they rise before dawn to catch waves, so come early!

By Scott Stephens

CONTACT: Scott-Stephens.com, FB: OutOfTheBlueRock

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