The Amacio Rock

Roca de Amancio, Dominical, South Pacific, Costa Rica

The entrance is next to Costa Paraíso resort, only two miles south of Dominical. To the south, it connects with Dominicalito beach. Right in front of the descending path to the beach, are the Amancio Rock formations.

During the low tide, you can climb up and explore them. When the tide is high, the waves crash with great force against the rocks, creating large amounts of foam and spray.

The strong currents around it become more visible. During the evening, the sun paints the vegetation with its golden rays.

Today several families live at The Amancio Rock, almost all are descendants of Don Amancio. Be sure to enjoy a tasty ceviche along the road at Las Rocas de Amancio, prepared by doña Zaidas granddaughter Stefany Obando.

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