Bi-cantonal Commission Osa-Golfito

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By Carlos Leon

The last board meeting of the Chamber of Tourism of Osa (CATUOSA) took place in the new Hostal del Mar in Golfito. Among the numerous participants, was Golfito’s Chamber of Tourism, represented by Elberth Barrantes, the executive Director.
Mr. luis Centeno, CATUOSA’s president, talked about the framework under which the committees are diligently working and showing satisfactory results.
Delegates of several committees introduced their state of affairs. Appointee Andrés Vargas talked about the marketing activities taking place to promote the destination, and the work performed by CATUOSA in favor of the tourism industry of Costa Rica’s Southern pacific.

#Golfito #CATUOSA #osa #peninsula osa #puravida #costaballenalovers (11)The regulatory plans in Osa and Golfio received special attention, specifically the enactment of the new law imposing deadlines to the municipalities to resolve this matter.
CATUOSA proposes to create a bi-cantonal commission Osa-Golfito, with the participation of the respective Mayors. They agreed on meeting in puerto Jimenez – Osa Peninsula.
#Golfito #CATUOSA #osa #peninsula osa #puravida #costaballenalovers (4)Ms. Catalina Torres Portela, manager of Hostal del Mar, welcomed the participants, celebrating at the same time the grand opening of the hotel with a cheerful evening dinner and music; all of it courtesy of the hotel. The friendliness and professionalism of the Hostal del Mar  management and staff were key ingredients for the success of this celebration.

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