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Palmar Sur Airport Aeropuerto Osa

This is the second and final stage of the airport plan which was approved approximately 10 years ago. Beginning in early 2019, travelers to the Southern Pacific and Costa Ballena regions of Osa in Costa Rica will have the option of flying into the new and expanded Palmar Sur regional airport terminal. Palmar Sur (airport code PMZ) is the region’s closest and most conveniently located airport, offering daily morning flights to-and-from San Jose via Sansa Airlines. Expansion work began on August 1st and I am cautiously optimistic that the January 2019 construction goal can be met. However, I don’t think that the airport will be ready to operate until February, given the amount of time that will be needed to install new communication systems, electrical techniques (and emergency back-ups), completing the finishing work, lost time due to the holidays, and final government inspections. There are many changes e.g.: the new terminal will be over twice the size of the existing structure, office space for rental car companies is being added, emergency fire suppression and water systems are being installed for terminal safety. Embedded charging stations in the customized seating.

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Palmar Sur Airport Aeropuerto Osa

Large tempered glass windows will allow plenty of natural lighting into the building while at the same time protecting travelers from the seasonal rains (the previous airport terminals were open-air). The runway is being widened and resurfaced, and new runway lights will be installed providing an emergency landing strip for most types of aircraft that fly into Costa Rica and also providing night landing options for charter planes.

With this second stage just a matter of weeks away, I expect more travelers and residents to choose to fly into Palmar Sur. This area has come a long way over the past 15 years - this is just one more example.

By Nick Halverson


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