OSA Comm-Unity

The OSA Comm-Unity in Dominical

AUTHOR: Dagmar Reinhard

Everybody in Dominical and environments knows Pepe López, not only for his Spicy Life Vegan Hot Sauce, which he sells at the Farmers Markets, giving every meal an exotic final touch.

Since he has been dedicating his life to creating drug-free areas, he has become a different person with innovative ideas to help recreate his hometown.

In 2019 the project OSA Comm-Unity was born to counteract cultural and social degradation. It has been carried out with the support of locals and foreigners. People contribute either economically, with a hands-on approach or their knowledge.

The mission is to create the first organized village in Costa Ballena, focused on sustainable economic and physical well-being, concentrating on the mental health of the inhabitants and future generations. The aim is to build and strengthen an educational and social system that will last and evolve during future generations.

The Starting Point Theory works through the change in small and constant aspects, automatically generating a positive response in individuals and community groups, leading to the development of our society.

Here are examples of an organized community: Spaces 100% free of inorganic waste. Safe recreation spaces. Report of suspicious activities. Monthly Community Fairs (food, crafts, culture and sports activities) generating income for the local families. Direct and transparent communication with Development Associations. Continuous training of young people and adults that allows them to participate in commerce and the community. 
At present, Pepe and the OSA Comm-Unity are working on the initiative SAVING DOMINICALITO BEACH, clearing it from garbage and replanting trees and flowers. 
This model project seeks the collaboration of commerce and residents under a strategic implementation and with a set time. 

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