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The Herbalist from China Kichà


Albín Miguel Garro Sánchez is a native herbalist of the small town of China Kichà in the mountains of La Amistad, Pérez Zeledón.
For generations, the family of twelve brothers cultivates the land of their farm. After an accident a few years ago, Miguel felt the need to relieve his pain with what he had available: herbs.

Guided by his mother and grandmother, herbalists, and connoisseurs in the field, he began to experiment with himself, first with moringa, which is an excellent anti-inflammatory, apart from being anti-carcinogen and antioxidant. When the moringa took effect by diminishing his suffering, he began to study the herbs and roots that grow in the mountains. He found them in abundance, and began to dry, pulverize, sterilize and mix them with alcohol or coconut oil, resulting in excellent tinctures and ointments to apply them in the sore areas.

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The Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum), in traditional Chinese medicine, considered "the king of herbs," caught his attention. Today it is also grown in Costa Rica. It is a powerful fungus that can neutralize the body's toxins, favoring the immune system and, therefore, it turns out to be anticancer. It helps with body oxygenation, fights free radicals, has analgesic properties, reduces fatigue, and improves performance. Some sources attribute the strengthening of the scalp, correction of erectile dysfunction, liver cleansing, and it is also called “the mushroom of 10,000 years” for increasing longevity.

When Miguel chose his herbalist profession, he began traveling to all Farmers Markets in the area to share the good news that there are alternative medicines. In its wide assortment of 70 one-hundred-percent organic products, the Drago Blood (Targuá) also stands out, whose latex is extracted drop by drop from the bark. In dentistry websites, it is described as anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, anti-mutagen, and tissue regenerator.
Miguel also prepares savory condiments based on turmeric, ginger, rosemary, and moringa. Let him recommend a product to optimize your well-being!

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