NonKuaxa - "Our goal is to make people aware of our village"

 ~ by Kurandenk (Kamel González Rojas)

"Our goal is to make people aware of our village"

Nonkuaxa means "the tail of the spider monkey" and has a spiral as symbol or logo. This group was begun 10 years ago with the intention of telling the pre-Columbian history, beliefs, traditions, stories, legends, and myths of Boruca Indians. 

I belong to the Nonkuaxa group that currently makes up a total of 15 young men from Boruca. We are including more and more young participants instilling them with respect, love and admiration for our culture. There are 5 plays of 25 minutes duration, representing Yavachik (the spirit of the mountain), Kakshun (the sun that announces), Kura^Brun (the Jaguar of the ashes), Suremis (the purple color - a colorant obtained from a mollusc called murice) and Di Sujkra (the spirit of water). 

NonKuaxa - "Our goal is to make people aware of our village"We have taken the play "The Jaguar of the Ashes" to different national festivals and theaters in Costa Rica, the most famous being the National Theater. The ancestral riches are alive. You can find them if you open your mind, your soul and your spirit. Listen to the messages in the song of the trees and the birds of the mountain. Our goal is to make people aware of our village, attend our ancestral festival Kabru^rojc, and also assure that our children grow with the pride of being an indigenous Boruca.

From December 30 to January 2, Boruca fills up with the Kabru^rojc tradition (now known as the game of the devils). More than 100 masked people dance and fight against the Spanish invader, represented symbolically with a bull face made of wood. Our designs and colors of the masks reflect our ancestral legacy. Visit Boruca during the end of the year to experience a very special event!

Editor's note:
Kamel is one of the most outstanding artists of the indigenous community of Boruca. He is a talented painter and masters to perfection the carving of the traditional masks.

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