Night Walks in Costa Ballena

by Cesar Barrio Amorós

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cesarThe magnificent forest of Costa Rica offers the nature loving traveler countless opportunities to observe spectacular fauna and flora. However, during the day we can only see half of what is out there. The other half comes to life at night. Frogs and reptiles, giant insects, owls, mammals, and cuyeos (Paraque bird): all of them become active at dusk. And when the darkness sets in, is the best time to go out with flashlights and rubber boots to discover the mysterious beings that lurk in the shadows.

It is not advisable to go out alone, rather; go with a guide, whose knowledge and experience will find many species which are otherwise invisible. He will show them to you explaining their secrets.

#nightlife #wildlife #caminatas #hiking #costaballenalovers #osa #wildlife #walks #costaricavacations #adventure(2)During nightly walks in reserves and private forests of Costa Ballena, we discover a host of unusual species, both in the rainy season, when frogs, such as the glass frog or the one red-eyed tree frog, are most active, and during the dry season, when we can easily observe mammals and birds at night that walks along the trails and streams. It is not uncommon to encounter a snake, hence the need to bring boots and follow the guide’s steps.

Nightlife jungle walks offer a very different perspective to a daytime one as the vision focuses on a more specific field. Sometimes all at once we turn off the headlights and listen to the sounds of the tropical night: insects, frogs, and nocturnal birds; and enjoy this show of nature.

Do not be surprised if the fantastic night wildlife captivates you!

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