Nature Guide Cesar Fonseca


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Cesar is a very experienced guide in forest and maritime environment. He has worked with several tour operators covering the National Parks of Manuel Antonio, Monteverde, Corcovado, and Marino Ballena.

He found a brand-new challenge at Ranchos Remo at the heights of Playa Hermosa. His new goal is to promote educational hiking tours through the primary and secondary forest where you can find waterfalls and streams. It is a kingdom of many different ecosystems that live, feed, fertilize each other, and feed on each other.


Cesar speaks of this great life cycle with love and dedication. Costa Ballena is proud of its own impressive bio-diversity. Under the shade of the dense canopy of trees, you can find an abundance of nature secrets, so fascinating that it might seem a crime to be watching TV in your hotel room.


Ranchos Remo offers two hiking tours during the day and one at night. You will be walking through the woods following well-defined trails, where all the plants are labeled. Cesar shares his extensive knowledge and helps you find those miniature red or green frogs, the ones wearing different outfits. The guide will also tell you about caterpillars, mushrooms, and bats. Did you know that bats are mammals?


INFO: Reserve your hike at (506) 8605 5544  – $50 p/p





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