Nature: Alice in the Land of Palms

Nature Alice in the Land of Palms Costa Ballena

Our French Miss Marple, recently relocated in Costa Rica, discovers the happiness and peculiarities of the jungle in this beautiful country. Nature in Central America offers surprises that give rise to some funny misunderstandings. Alice loves to get up early, she feels satisfied. Beginning at 5:30 am, the sun illuminates the house with its golden rays. It is impossible to sleep late; the toucans whistle, the Papagayos rejoice, and the congo monkeys grunt loudly as if to part the clouds.

This morning, our amateur detective decides to take advantage of the coolness to delve into the pool. She can not find her glasses, too bad! Like the little mermaid, she lets her body float with delight. After a few strokes, when she goes out to dry, she notices thousands of little gray pimples on her thighs and belly. She utters a shrill cry: Ahhhhh !!! I have an allergy to the pool water! But after the shower, the pimples disappear. She puts on her glasses and sees nothing on her skin. On the ground, on the other hand, she sees thousands of small gray granules flowing into the drain. There is something in the pool, I have to investigate!

In the evening, she sits in a rocking chair, and observes the pool area without lights. Suddenly, dozens of female toads arrive as if they were arriving at a ball. Some have pretty colored dresses worthy of the charming evening that lays ahead. Indeed, a big male proudly stands, balancing on his front legs. His bouncy belly proves that he dined well and comes to honor all these ladies with ardor by covering the thousands of eggs they offer him. He approaches Alice and, insolent, throws a very enterprising "Croaaaaaa. " No, Alice will not give him a kiss, because he's not really charming! Inquiry ended.

By Cathy Gallardo Leday

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